El Jebel Colorado

El Jebel Colorado


El Jebel Colorado is a thriving affordable and diverse community conveniently situated in the Mid-Valley area between Aspen and Glenwood Springs. 


spring has sprung

our “who knew?” tips for creative gardening at high altitude

  • Free Fertilizer: DO NOT discard those old coffee grounds; instead toss them into your garden to prep soil. Coffee grounds contain Nitrogen and minerals that aid with plant/veggie growth. With this cost-effective fertilizer you will save a little green ($) on your greens.
  • Garden after dark {headlamp optional}: many experts believe planting your garden at night will promote faster and stronger growth than planting during the day. Cooler temperatures at night will also maximize water usage.
  • Create a no-stick shovel & tools: spray your favorite garden shovel and tools with silicone or teflon lubricant, then let it dry. A coating of lubricant will allow dirt or potting soil to slide right off and keep your project neat and tidy. 
  • Sweeter tomatoes: from cherry & grape to heirloom & roma who wouldn’t want to sweeten up all tomatoes?! Simply add a sprinkle of baking soda to the soil (avoiding the actual plant) to balance soil PH and reduce alkalinity.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2): has an extra oxygen atom and very useful in cleaning, bleaching, sterilizing, disinfecting, and also in HORTICULTURE. Hydrogen Peroxide can be used in the garden for faster seed germination, as a fertilizer or a pesticide. Simply mix "3% hydrogen peroxide" with an equal amount of water.
  • Natural Weed Killer: the always dreaded gardening chore -> pulling weeds! Instead of reaching for poisonous chemicals or roundup, kill weeds naturally by using 1 gallon organic vinegar (20%) + 1 tbsp. dish-washing soap = mix and spray.
  • Utilize Plastic Forks: protect crops and deter pests by placing plastic forks around your plants. Many squirrels, raccoons, skunks and other small garden destroyers won’t dare step into your garden.


For professional gardening tips and all of the resources and accessories desired to create your green masterpiece, visit our friends at: Eagle Crest Nursery.

Background image by Pat Sudmeier.